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ICYMI: Grassroots Group Testifies in Support of Bill to Provide Fair Compensation to Montana’s Wrongfully Convicted

Jan 6, 2021 by AFP

HELENA, Montana – Americans for Prosperity-Montana (AFP-MT) testified in support of a bill that would provide just compensation for individuals who have been wrongfully convicted in the state of Montana. HB 92 would set up a formal compensation and expungement system that would be materially better for exonerated persons and likely cost the state less in settlement fees by creating a more orderly process.

AFP-MT’s Director of Grassroots Operations, Patrick Webb issued the following statement:

“This legislation will change lives and make our justice system more just. While it can’t go back in time and right a wrongful conviction, our legal system can absolutely provide fair compensation for the time these individuals lost. Fair compensation will enable these individuals to forge bright futures for themselves and their families.

“We wholeheartedly encourage the legislature to pass this bill.”