Jun 4, 2014 by AFP

Senator Deb Fischer Reacts to News of EPA Regulations

LINCOLN — Senator Deb Fischer agrees with Americans for Prosperity in her latest comments about the EPA’s carbon-emissions regulations. Fischer explained that she has called on the president to work with Congress to find solutions that will actually help the environment while also benefitting the economy. Just 2 weeks ago Fischer and 48 other senators proposed an extended comment period on the rules, and just today, their efforts have been rewarded and a 120 day comment period was granted.

AFP – Nebraska State Director Matt Litt released the following statement:

“Senator Deb Fischer is correct. Nebraskans face higher energy costs and job losses because of these new EPA regulations. Electric bills are expected to increase roughly $200 per family and almost a quarter million jobs could be lost through 2030. We appreciate Senator Fischer’s work against the new EPA rules.”


New EPA Regulations Estimated to Kill 224K Jobs Annually, Shrink Economy by $51 Billion
Assessing the Impact of Proposed New Carbon Regulations in the United States, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 2014.

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