Jun 3, 2014 by AFP

Governor Sam Brownback Claims New EPA Regulations a “War Against Middle America”

TOPEKA – Governor Brownback has come out against the new EPA regulations handed down yesterday. And we couldn’t agree more. Brownback says that the new federal rules for cutting carbon emissions is a “war against middle America” that will increase energy costs for Kansans.

The new EPA regulations would require Kansas to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 23 percent by 2030 from 2012 levels. These new rules also come just three days after Kansas gave the go-ahead on a new $2.8 billion coal-fired power plant in the southwest of the state. With this new plant, it will be difficult for Kansas to comply with the EPA rules.

Brownback supported the decision to build the power plant because it would develop clean coal technology.

Now that the EPA has handed down these new regulations, it is going to be hard for Kansas to find ways to comply. The increased costs of energy in the state and the threat to Kansans’ jobs in the energy sector are all reasons that these regulations should not be passed.

AFP – Kansas State Director Jeff Glendening released the following statement:

“Gov. Brownback is right. The new EPA regulations will hurt Kansans by increasing our energy costs and cutting jobs. We are glad to see the governor standing with AFP against the latest EPA rules.”


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