ICYMI: AFP Launches Multimedia ObamaCare Blitz Across Florida

Feb 7, 2014 by AFP

TV, radio, digital ads hold Grayson, Garcia accountable for mess, note Southerland has opposed it.

TALLAHASSEE — Americans for Prosperity-Florida, the state’s foremost grassroots advocate for health care freedom, launched a multimedia blitz aimed at holding Florida lawmakers accountable for the ObamaCare mess. The ad buys are a combination of television and digital at a total cost of $550,000.

Two ads, focused on Reps. Alan Grayson and Joe Garcia, highlight that the lawmakers voted for what turned out to be the Lie of the Year and continue to support it. Viewers are asked to call the local offices of Grayson and Garcia to tell the lawmakers Floridians deserve better than the huge premiums and lost access to doctors that have come to define ObamaCare.

View the Grayson ad here (online).
View the Garcia ad here (television and online).

The third ad asks viewers to call Rep. Steve Southerland and tell him to keep fighting ObamaCare on behalf of his constituents.

View the Southerland ad here (television and online).

AFP-Florida State Director Slade O’Brien released the following statement upon the launch:

“These ads are part of a five-year, all-out effort by Americans for Prosperity to defeat ObamaCare. From grassroots rallies an educational events, to letters to the editor, to multimedia campaigns, AFP activists have taken every available avenue to stand against ObamaCare. Floridians are losing access to trusted doctors and facing higher premiums and deductibles, while the Congressional Budget Office says the economy will lose valuable productivity worth millions of jobs. It’s time for both these lawmakers to realize the damage ObamaCare is causing and stand with us against the law.” 

For further information or an interview, please contact Slade O’Brien at sobrien@afphq.org or 561-441-5866.