How Will ObamaCare Impact Your County?

Jun 20, 2014 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity Highlights New Tool Exposing ObamaCare Premium Hikes

SPRINGFIELD – Americans for Prosperity today drew attention to a new Manhattan Institute research tool exposing the substantial premium hikes facing many Missouri families. The report analyzed 3,137 of the nation’s 3,144 counties. As reported in Forbes magazine, Missouri has the dubious distinction of having the highest county level ObamaCare rate hike: 273 percent for men in Buchanan county. Other counties experiencing soaring premiums include:

  • Cass county, MO: 230% increase for men.
  • Phelps county, MO: 191% increase for men.
  • Jackson county, MO: 70% increase for women.
  • Greene county, MO : 53% increase for women.
  • Across the nation, women face rate hikes in 82 percent of US counties, and men face rate hikes in 91 percent of counties.

Click the map below to see Missouri’s county breakdown:

“Today we learn that the Show-Me state is showing some of the highest ObamaCare rate hikes by county in the nation,” explained Patrick Werner, Missouri State Director of Americans for Prosperity. “Missourians are already getting nickel and dimed with higher prices for gas, food, and energy. Now they get socked with news of even higher health care premiums. How much more can we ask from the beleaguered taxpayer before they throw up their hands and throw in the towel?”  

Werner continued: “Continuing to take money out of the pockets of hard working Missourians means less money circulating throughout the state’s economy resulting in slower growth and lost jobs. It’s time for President Obama and Congress to recognize that this law is not working as they said it would.”