how does your legislator rank?

Jun 27, 2014 by AFP

Today our sister organization, Americans for Prosperity Foundation – New Hampshire (AFPF-NH), released its 2014 New Hampshire Legislative Scorecard ranking New Hampshire House and Senate members on their votes in support of or in opposition to economic freedom.   This should be a handy tool to determine if your elected leaders are supporting the critical steps to growing the economy or if they are instead reinforcing a bigger government that undermines entrepreneurship.

Click here to view the score card now.

The House members were scored against 15 votes from the 278 recorded roll calls there, while Senators were ranked for 9 votes cast among the 99 roll calls at that body.

In the House, 21 members received an A+ ranking (called a “Protector of Prosperity”), while another 84 received an A grade (“Advocate of Prosperity”), including 57 members who scored 100%, but who missed one or more key votes.  These are leaders in enhancing the New Hampshire Advantage and should be applauded.

There were 220 House members who received an F ranking (“Opponent of Prosperity”).  These individuals are taking the state down a path of economic futility that will make us less competitive.

In the Senate, 1 member received an A+ grade and another also scored 100%, while 13 received an F ranking.

I encourage you to view the score card and then contact your legislators thank them for their support for economic freedom or to tell them that they need to work to improve their commitment to growing job and opportunity in the state.  Their contact information is located within the score card or can be found by clicking here.

Economic freedom is critical to our state and our ability have a thriving economy.  Thank you for all you do to promote economic freedom in the Granite State.