AFP Takes “To The Air” Again with Message for Mark

Apr 3, 2014 by AFP

AFP-Co to Throw Opening-Day Fastball Udall’s Way

DENVER – Colorado’s largest grassroots free-market advocacy group plans to celebrate opening day at Coors Field with a major league surprise for Sen. Mark Udall, who Americans for Prosperity-Colorado accuses of striking out, big-time, on Obamacare. Exactly how the high-visibility message will be delivered is for now a secret, which will be revealed Friday, at a 1:15 pm media briefing on the weststeps of the state Capitol.

AFP-Colorado has already been on the air once with an anti-Obamacare message seen by millions of Coloradans. But that’s only part of a broader grassroots effort that takes another step forward on Opening Day.  The group believes it’s a fitting day to highlight the three major strikes of ObamaCare and do it in a way that’s sure to attract attention.

“If Mark Udall pitched baseballs like he pitched healthcare, he’s have washed out of the minor leagues long ago for not being able to throw straight,” said AFP-Co state Director Dustin Zvonek. “Not only did the senator throw Coloradans a wild pitch, by lying to them about the health law, but he’s been Team Obama’s most valuable player for years, backing a host of policies that haven’t served this state or nation well. And we at AFP plan to hold him accountable”.

Who: AFP-Colorado State Director Dustin Zvonek

What: AFP-Colorado Media Briefing on Next Phase of Udall Accountability Project

When:  1:15 p.m. Friday, April 4

Where: West Steps, Colorado State Capitol

For further information or an interview, please contact Dustin Zvonek at or 720.219.1451.