How Our Grassroots Efforts Gave One Illinois Town an Early Christmas Present

Dec 23, 2015 by AFP

For residents of Edwardsville, Ill., Christmas came early this year.

In early December, the efforts of grassroots activists led in part by AFP were able to force an end to a referendum to raise taxes, saving local taxpayers $10 million.

The Edwardsville School District 7 Board of Education intended to raise taxes in order to pay for a “working cash fund.” The BOE had passed a “backdoor referendum” to do so without a vote by the people.

This angered local residents, who took steps to have their voices heard. AFP came to the aid of these residents, and spearheaded an effort that collected over 3,600 signatures in 30 days to get the issue on the ballot, where it was defeated.

These grassroots activists spent many hours a day talking to their neighbors, co-workers, friends and family. AFP staff and volunteers went door-to-door collecting signatures, also hosting several “petition parties,” where the public was invited to come sign the petition and get involved with the effort.

Together, we did what local politicians and bureaucrats hoped they wouldn’t do.

AFP – Illinois’ ongoing Local Anti-Tax Initiative helps taxpayers fight local governments’ attempts to raise taxes and increase debt. Through this program, we provide various forms of assistance in defeating proposed local taxes or debt increases.


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