Governor Signs School Finance Bill

Apr 21, 2014 by AFP

TOPEKA, KAN. – Gov. Sam Brownback today signed a bill funding education as well as implementing a number of education reforms. The Kansas chapter of the grassroots group Americans for Prosperity issued the following statement in response:

“Americans for Prosperity-Kansas supported several elements of this education bill, including reforms that create more choices for parents and students and ensure student success is at the center of our educational system,” said State Director Jeff Glendening. “We believe that giving more authority to local school boards over their employees gives parents the assurance that they have the best, most effective teachers in the classroom.

“Local school districts should not be forced into protracted legal battles to release teachers who are not performing, and they should be able to hire community members with real world experience to teach courses in their field of expertise, even if they do not hold a teaching certificate.

“Each child is different, and every child has different needs. The more educational choices that parents and children have available, the more likely they will be to find the best fit for each individual student. We support the inclusion of school choice measures such as funding for virtual schools and tax credits to assist our most disadvantaged students with scholarships. These measures help give more options to parents who might not be able to afford other education alternatives.

“We applaud the Legislature and Gov. Brownback for implementing these policy changes that better serve students and parents over institutions.”

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