GOP Fighting Off Last-Minute Attempts at New Climate Regs

Nov 28, 2016 by AFP

The GOP-controlled Congress is in a race to fight off any last-minute attempts by Democrats to push through any more of President Obama‘s climate priorities before he leaves office, and before the next administration has a chance to upend the last eight years of work.

The House has already begun its big anti-regulation push against Obama’s 11th-hour attempt to secure environmental and energy regulations as his presidency ends.


Brent Gardner, government affairs chief for the conservative free-market group Americans for Prosperity, explained that the administration “utilized climate as a way to negatively impact the business structure in this country,” which has “gotten us to a point where we have lost jobs. They have gotten us to a point where a lot of their chosen industries have been engaging in cronyism.”

Gardner’s group is part of a federation of free-market groups lobbying Congress in anticipation of a Trump administration addressing climate cronyism and the job-killing aspects of increased energy regulation and the EPA, he said.

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