Good Intentions But Still Tyranny – By Jim Clarkson

Jul 1, 2014 by AFP

We don’t worry too much about the technical problems of wind and solar power or the risk problem with nuclear plants. These are things the market will work out if the natural market is allowed to operate. Let the best technology prevail without political favoritism!

It is the distorting effects of subsidies, tax breaks, limitations of liability, mandated use and loan guarantees that bother us. These things warp markets.

But the truly horrible political program is subsidized conservation and efficiency. These measures are things people have done naturally for centuries as technology became available and as economic conditions justified.

Make no mistake about it, taking money from one person and paying another to conserve energy is tyranny. It is the introduction of the corrosive effects of regulation into the family budget. It is the presumption that government officials, aided by “expert” do-gooders know better how to spend other people’s money. The forced collection of money for efficiency programs shows why the unholy marriage of vested privilege and authoritarian ideology – known as regulation – is so destructive to individual freedom. Utility regulators have made a mess of the utility business, why extend their damage to families? If a government agency can empower our electricity provider to tell us how to use our energy, then what rights and protections do we have left?