Gold Dome Round Up At The Halfway Point

Feb 18, 2014 by AFP

We just crossed the halfway point (Day 20) in the 2014 Georgia General Assembly and here’s a roundup of what we’re tracking at AFP Georgia, where it’s at (as of Feb 18) and what our stated position is as we head toward Crossover Day and into the final stretch. AFP will key vote all of these bills:

House Bill 1 – Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform – SUPPORT
Currently in Rep. Jacob’s House Judiciary sub-committee and expected for a full committee vote this week.

House Bill 176 – Mobile BILD Act – SUPPORT
Currently passed the House and in Senate Regulated Industries and Utilities. Suspect a committee vote tomorrow (19th)

House Resolution 486 – Independent School Districts – SUPPORT
Currently on the House General Calendar awaiting a floor hearing.

House Bill 153/Senate Bill 99 – Fractional percentage SPLOST – SUPPORT
Currently passed out of House Ways and Means sub-committee, needs a full committee vote to get to the floor

Senate Bill 167 – Common Core – SUPPORT
Combined Senate Bill 167 and Senate Bill 203 into one bill. Currently in Senate Education and Youth Committee. Possible hearing Thursday, Feb 20th.

Senate Resolution 415 – Top State Tax Bracket Cap at 6% – SUPPORT
Introduced by Senator David Shafer and currently needs a vote in Senate Finance Committee

House Bill 707 – Georgians For Health Care Freedom ACA Non-Compliance Act – SUPPORT
Currently in Jacob’s House Judiciary sub-committee. Need a vote out of sub-committee and a full committee vote

House Bill 907 – UBER Free Market Assault Bill – OPPOSE
Currently parked indefinitely (where it should be) in House Public Safety and Homeland Security

Senate Bill 295 – Medicaid Expansion – OPPOSE
Currently floundering in Senate Appropriations

House Bill 990 – GA Medicaid Expansion Authority Given to Legislature – SUPPORT
Currently introduced by State Rep. Jan Jones and now in House Judiciary