Pathway to Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity-Georgia’s Pathway to Prosperity lays out important steps lawmakers can take to improve the lives of all Georgians and make our state a better place to live, work, and raisea family. AFP-GA’s dedicated activists will encourage their legislators to champion these pivotal policy reforms during the 2024 legislative session.

Expanding Access to Quality Health Care

Every Georgian should have access to quality care that works for their budget. Without reliable access to medical care,families must travel farther, wait longer, and pay higher costs for the health care they need. We will support legislation to remove these unnecessary regulations to expand access to health care, especially for rural Georgians. There are many healthcare professionals that face barriersrestricting their scope of practice.

We also support eliminating the Certificate of Need regulatory burden. This outdated, big-government regulation artificially limits access to care and keeps prices higher than they otherwise would be. Incumbent health care providers routinely exploit CON to block or delay new health care providers from opening and serving patients. To learn more about our efforts to #EndTheCON, visit

Economic Opportunity for All Georgians

This year, AFP-GA will focus on policy reforms that unleash opportunity by removing barriers to economic mobility and growth, whether that be through reforms to tax or employment policy.

Sound Fiscal Policy

Recent progress has been made to improve Georgia’s tax code and lower the overall tax burden for taxpayers. To ensure Georgians enjoy low taxation for the long term, budget reforms like those included in SB 366 are critical in making lawmakers aware of the revenue tradeoffs inherent within their policy choices.

Helping Georgians Get to Work

Lawmakers should make it easier for Georgians to provide for their families through their chosen professions. By working with industry leaders and legislators, AFP-GA will look at ways to reduce or eliminate unnecessary occupational licensing requirements. We support legislation like Senate Bill 354, which lowers barriers for beauty service workers, and House Bill 583, which cuts red tape for small business owners like Cottage Food producers. Individuals with a criminal record who have earned a second chance to participate freely in society, also face challenging requirements in acquiring state occupational licenses. AFP-GA activists will work to help people rise and find meaningful employment by supporting Senate Bill 157.

A common-sense and regulatory environment is also important for small and large businesses alike. The reforms within Senate Bill 429 will empower the legislature to rein in harmful regulation before it is enacted, as well as have a regular opportunity to phase out existing damaging regulations.

Improving Education for All Students

All families should have the opportunity to pursue the right educational environment for their children, regardless of income or ZIP code. Allowing every kid to discover, develop, and apply their unique talents is important to improving Georgia’s education system. It’s way past time to give all children the ability to seek alternative educational opportunities. We support expanding and supporting charter schools, public school choice options like open enrollment, and private school choice like Promise Scholarships included within Senate Bill 233.

March Day at the Capitol

Join Americans for Prosperity Georgia for our Day at the Capitol!  Whether it’s for Education Freedom, Certificate of Need Repeal, or Economic Opportunity, we are fighting for hardworking Georgians each day under the Gold Dome and we’d love you to join us.

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