Georgia Energy Freedom Guiding Principles

Apr 21, 2014 by AFP

BACKGROUND: Americans For Prosperity is the nation’s premier organization promoting economic and energy freedom. Our activists have testified before the Environmental Protection Agency in Atlanta, held Energy Freedom rallies, nationwide Hot Air Tours combating job-killing carbon taxes alarmism and fighting misinformation about energy policy for many years. Many Americans for Prosperity members, allies and partner organizations have been involved in the policy arena on behalf of energy freedom objectives for over half a century because of the enormous impact these issues have on economic opportunity. [For more of our energy policy positions please click HERE].

Energy Freedom means a lot of things for Georgia. It does not mean energy subsidies or so-called “tax credits” for favored forms of energy to artificially influence the cost. In 2013, regulatory mandates from our Georgia public service commission forced one private energy provider in Georgia to add an additional sum of solar capacity to its energy portfolio. Widespread misinformation was presented by many left-leaning groups regarding what constitutes energy freedom. As recently as last week, former Florida Governor Charlie Crist headlined a solar-industry rally in Tallahassee where he proclaimed that as Governor he would push a requirement that twenty percent of Florida’s electricity come from renewable energy resources [read more here]. Such wrong-headed renewable energy mandates have contributed to higher energy costs in many states where they have been implemented and efforts are now underway to repeal them in several states.

In light of on-going policy discussions around these and other energy related issues, Americans for Prosperity Georgia is releasing the following Georgia Energy Freedom Guiding Principles. These principles represent the guiding ethos for energy freedom in Georgia that we support.

Georgia Energy Freedom Guiding Principles

1. No subsidies or mandates for any energy form – We believe that the best energy policies are ones that are market driven, and don’t pick winners and losers.

2. Individual freedom to choose energy source – We believe that energy freedom and economic freedom go hand in hand. People should have the freedom to choose between sources of energy — without putting undue burden on other taxpayers.

3. Market-driven pricing for producers and distributors – We believe in a market where energy producers are able to compete with others and energy distributors provide services to the producer and the end user at a market-driven price.

4.) Free market incentive over government coercion – We believe that energy freedom means government regulation is a poor substitute for the built-in incentives of the free market.