Freedom on the March: Celebrating Victories Across America

Jul 3, 2017 by AFP

A commitment to freedom can change the world.

241 years ago, our Founders boldly declared America’s independence and established our nation as a beacon of freedom, liberty and opportunity, lighting the way for generations to come.

Over the years, that light has flickered. America has been bogged down by excessive government growth, onerous regulations, red tape and out-of-control government spending. 

These harmful policies have limited our scope of freedom, making it more difficult for ordinary Americans to enjoy their unalienable rights our Founders laid out for us in the Constitution.

Thankfully, like the patriots who fought for our independence more than 200 years ago, the American people continue carrying the torch for liberty.

At Americans for Prosperity, weve been working with millions of Americans to advance economy freedom at every level of government. 

At the federal level, there is the promise of a once-in-a-generation opportunity to advance a major tax reform package. President Trump has also made significant progress in rolling back the regulatory state that exploded out of control during the Obama years. And the U.S. Constitution has another defender on the Supreme Court bench thanks to grassroots efforts to secure the confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch. 

Because of all your hard work, grassroots volunteers for AFP have led the way to a renaissance of freedom-oriented policy at the state level, where lawmakers are embracing free-market ideas and policies.  

In the past six months alone, we’ve seen:

  • Missouri and Kentucky become right-to-work states;
  • School choice victories in Arizona, Kentucky and New Mexico; and
  • Reduced government spending and tax cuts in a dozen states including Florida, Arkansas, New Hampshire, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Utah. 

We’ve seen states across the country:

  • Embrace occupational licensing reform;
  • Protect free speech; and
  • Scale back burdensome government regulations on businesses.

These hard-fought policy victories give hard-working taxpayers and their families the tools and opportunities they need to pursue their American Dream.

As AFP President Luke Hilgemann has said, this has been one of the most successful years for advancing free-market policies since AFP began operating a decade ago.

Freedom is on the march, and it’s all because of AFP’s strong network of grassroots activists in our 36 state chapters across the country. 

America’s best days remain ahead of us.

Today, we celebrate not only our Founders’ victory in America’s War for Independence, but also the vision they had for our country. We embrace that spirit of liberty and opportunity by celebrating our victories for freedom across this great nation. 

Happy Fourth of July!