Why Free College Tuition is A Terrible Idea

Oct 5, 2016 by AFP

Free college would mean a large tax increase on most Americans – Current proposals target eliminating tuition at public colleges by 2020 for families earning $125,00 or less. The estimated cost of such a measure on taxpayers would be an estimated at $750 billion or more over 10 years.

  • Making tuition free wouldn’t help students who need help the most. – In almost all states, public college is extremely accessible to students from low income families.  Many state, local and federal grants or loans exist to fund the education of the lowest income students. Free tuition would only subsidize the college education of the middle and upper middle class at the expense of the working class.
  • Free College won’t help students be more prepared for college. Currently one in four students enroll in remedial classes their first year in college. Public schools need to better prepare college students for college work.
  • Colleges would simply shift costs to students some other way. – If tuition were abolished public colleges would likely shift costs to the consumer in a different way charging more for room and board, textbooks as well as fees.
  • Colleges aren’t hiring more professors with their increased tuition. – Administrative positions grew 60 percent between 1993 and 2009, 10 times faster than faculty positions. Colleges need to get their priorities straight before getting more taxpayer money.