Obamacare Bonus Underscores Need for Exchange Audit

May 12, 2014 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity Posts Petition

Demanding Oversight for Connect for Health Colorado

PARKER – Just as news emerged that Patty Fontneau, CEO of Connect for Health Colorado, is receiving an exorbitant salary increase and bonus, Americans for Prosperity – Colorado today released a petition demanding an audit of the troubled state health insurance exchange. AFP-CO state director Dustin Zvonek says this is just the latest example of mismanagement and poor oversight at the organization.

“CEO Patty Fontneau’s payout comes in the wake of recent news reports that didn’t reflect well on her honesty and management acumen, raising questions about whether there’s a disconnect between pay and performance at Connect for Health Colorado,” explained Dustin Zvonek, State Director of AFP-CO. “Now we learn that Ms. Fontneau thinks all Coloradans should pay a tax to prop up her struggling organization. It’s time for Governor Hickenlooper to do his job and find out how Ms. Fontneau and her employees are spending taxpayer dollars. Regardless of what you think about ObamaCare, all Coloradans deserve accountability on how their hard-earned money is being spent.”

According to an article in Health News Colorado, Patty Fontneau’s raise and bonus makes her the third-highest paid state exchange executive in the nation, with a salary of $195,300. The article notes that Ms. Fontneau is paid more than her counterpart in New York, Donna Frescatore, who serves a much larger population and has enrolled nearly three times as many people through her exchange.

Zvonek continued: “At a time when many Coloradans are watching each dollar, it’s not fair for those spending our tax dollars to escape oversight. If Patty Fontneau has truly earned her lavish compensation, an audit will make that clear. It will also make it clear whether or not Coloradans need to pay a new tax to keep her organization afloat.”

You can view and sign Americans for Prosperity’s petition at ObamaCareOversight.com.

For further information or an interview, please contact Dustin Zvonek at DZvonek@afphq.org or 720.219.1451.