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#FinalSayPA Social Media Toolkit

On May 18th, Pennsylvanians will vote on a constitutional amendment that would limit the duration of any emergency declared by the governor to 21 days unless expressly extended by the General Assembly. It would also assert that no substantially similar emergency can be declared once the first declaration expires unless expressly authorized by the General Assembly.

This amendment will help to uphold the principle that the government’s authority to exercise its powers in an emergency must be properly constrained to not infringe upon the rights and privileges of individuals and private groups.

First Things First...

If you haven’t already taken our pledge to vote on May 18th, we invite you to take the pledge and then come back to check out the other tools we have for spreading the word about this important election on your social media!

Pledge to Vote

What Should You Include When Posting?

When posting on social media about this effort, here are the things to do:

1. Use the hashtag #FinalSayPA
2. Include the website for other Pennsylvanians to get informed before the election
3. Use one of the key messages from below
4. Use one of the graphics from below

Key Messages to Share

Use these key messages when talking with friends and family or when making your captions for social media:

– May 18th is an important primary election day, because voters need to vote YES on ballot questions 1,2, and 3.

– This is a chance for voters to place the appropriate checks on a governor’s ability to impose and extend emergency declarations.

– Approving ballots questions 1, 2 and 3 would embed the General Assembly within the emergency declaration decision making process to ensure that Pennsylvanians have the final say.

– The people’s voices must be heard and represented by their legislators concerning these decisions that have a lasting impact on our daily lives.

– The pandemic was hard enough with small businesses suffering, school closures, and families separated from loved ones. This is the ticket to ensure that this never happens again.

Graphics to Use

Use the instructions below to save these images to your phone or computer, so you can use them when posting on social media!

– On Desktop: Right-click the image to save to your computer.
– On Mobile Phone: Click and hold the image and then add to your photo library.