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Americans for Prosperity-Nebraska’s Roadmap to the Good Life

Fighting for the Good Life requires lawmakers to tackle the biggest challenges facing our state by breaking down barriers to opportunity and prosperity, instead of tinkering around the edges.

Fighting for the Good Life requires principled leaders at all levels of government to support and advocate for policies that allow more Nebraskans to live their American dream.

Fighting for the Good Life calls on folks across our great state to come together and work to advance sound public policy reforms and reject bad policy.

Fighting for the Good Life means working with anyone who shares our vision of a brighter future and wants to make a positive difference – regardless of their background or political ideology.

Fighting for the Good Life means…


Meet the Team

Jessica Shelburn, State Director

Willing to working with anyone to do good, Shelburn is excited to kick off the new year to advance freedoms for every Nebraskan and grow AFP-NE’s team of grassroots activists. An Oak, Nebraska native, Shelburn is no stranger to grassroots organizing and the issues facing Nebraskans. She has more than a decade of experience in the Nebraska Legislative Council serving as aide to Senators Schrock, Kremer, Wightman, Bloomfield, and John Kuehn. She also has considerable experience in agriculture and education, teaching Agriculture Education and FFA in Newman Grove Public Schools, working in the United State Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service, and serving as a clerk on the Agriculture Committee and Executive Board in Lincoln.

Angie Birkett, Grassroots Engagement Director

Having served as a volunteer and Board Member for Star City BMX and being actively involved with Lincoln West Optimist Club, Angie has dedicated much of her life to growing community involvement. In her current role, Angie focuses on building relationships within the community to help more Nebraskans live their version of the American Dream. Born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, Angie knows the biggest issues our families face every day firsthand and is ready to help empower parents to address their child’s educational needs and tackle burdensome regulations that prevent families and businesses from thriving.

Crystal Farr, Grassroots Coordinator

Crystal, based in Scotts Bluff County, is a Nebraska native who brings a passion for freedom and empowering Nebraskans to reach their full potential. She is eager to work with grassroots teams across the state, to advance tax reform and educational freedom – as a mother of 6, Crystal understands how important it is for families to have educational options available that meet their child’s unique needs. Crystal is excited to continue building grassroots relations with political, business, and community leaders.


Lowering taxes so that Nebraskans can keep more of what they earn.

Nebraskans deserve tax reform that will put more money in their pockets and help attract more people and businesses to set up shop in our state.

For too long, our broken tax code has inhibited economic growth and opportunity. Our lawmakers must reject wasteful spending that raises taxes and shifts the burden to Nebraska’s families, businesses, farmers, and ranchers. By broadening the base, lowering the rate, and eliminating the inheritance tax we can lessen the tax burden and provide real, long-term relief that Nebraskans need and deserve.

Health Care

Health Care reforms that ensure quality health care every Nebraska family can afford.

Through various regulations including scope-of-practice and certificate-of-need laws, Nebraska places limits on the supply of health care limiting access, increasing costs and stifling innovation. Nebraska should continue to remove barriers to health care and strive for a health care system where providers are able to care for patients to the fullest extent of their training, pursue the newest tools and technology to enhance their practice, and build new innovative models of health care delivery.

Red Tape Reduction

Removing excessive regulations that stifle economic growth, wastes taxpayer dollars, and limits individual freedom.

Too often, regulatory roadblocks keep Nebraskans from pursuing their American dream. Smart regulatory reform can create an economy that works for all by empowering people to earn success and reach their full potential. Government regulations can play a part in protecting public safety and ensuring a level playing field, but burdensome regulations and red tape can have the opposite effect. In fact, overregulation often only serves as a barrier to entrepreneurs and economic growth. Nebraska lawmakers should continue to reduce the burden of occupational licensing laws and develop a process to review outdated regulations and streamline others.



Every child deserves access to the education that best fits their unique needs.

Often, families and educators want the same thing in education: a system that helps students discover, develop, and apply their unique abilities. But today, many teachers have their hands tied with bureaucratic mandates and testing requirements that prevent students from unleashing their extraordinary potential. It’s time to reimagine the future of K-12 education by ensuring that every child has the opportunity to access the education that is right for them — regardless of their family income or ZIP code.

Our lawmakers can bring transformational change to education across our state by empowering families with the flexibility to determine how resources are allocated in pursuing the education that works for them. Throwing more money at the problem isn’t necessarily the answer. Instead, we should allow education funding to follow the child, reducing schools overreliance on property taxes for funding. This would help ensure every student has access to the educational environment that best meets their unique needs.


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Sign the Pledge

Elected officials in Nebraska must remain focused on the well-being of all Nebraskans – whether it’s expanding educational opportunity and health care, reforming our occupational licensing laws, lowering taxes or promoting responsible energy policy, our elected officials should help drive economic growth and opportunity for all Nebraskans to reach their full potential.

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