During Tax Reform Special Session, AFP-Kansas Disappointed to see Handouts Expanded for STAR Bonds

Jun 18, 2024 by AFP

Topeka, KS—Americans for Prosperity-Kansas (AFP-KS) has strongly opposed utilizing the state’s Sales Tax and Revenue (STAR) Bond program, or expanding it, for the last five years citing it as an egregious form of income redistribution from Kansas families and small businesses to the political class.

This costly special session had the sole intent of delivering tax reform to hardworking Kansans who under Governor Laura Kelly have had to wait for any relief despite the state’s budget surplus and compromise bills sent to her desk. Now, with the passage of HB 2001, AFP-KS said that there are better, and cheaper, ways to promote business creation and innovation in Kansas.

AFP-KS State Director, Elizabeth Patton, made the following statement:

“This STAR Bond fight has been a gift to Governor Kelly as the intent of this special session was to focus on delivering tax reform, something she has vetoed two times this session alone. Now, we see the legislature spending costly time on rushing through STAR Bond expansions when they could have used the regular session to transparently assess the bill.

“AFP-KS has been urging legislators to prioritize fiscal restraint and use this special session to deliver broad based tax reform, not increase spending, and we are thankful for the legislators who prioritized that for Kansans.”