AFP-South Carolina Thanks Principled Leaders for Running in Key State Races, Says Grassroots Activists Helped Secure 4 Victories and 3 Runoffs

Jun 12, 2024 by AFP

AFP-SC Made 60,000+ Overall Voter Contacts Leading Up to Primary Election for Endorsed Candidates

COLUMBIA, SC—Tonight, Americans for Prosperity-South Carolina (AFP-SC) celebrated the success of four endorsed candidates who secured their primary races with three headed to runoffs, following grassroots support from AFP-SC, and thanked Sarah Curran and Jason Shamis for their noble efforts.

By reaching voters at the doors, digital campaigns, and mail, AFP-SC successfully engaged in races that its grassroots base could strategically impact voter turnout and saw four endorsed candidates win their primary and another three to be determined in the runoffs later this month. AFP-SC will continue to support tonight’s primary winners, runoff contenders, as well as additional candidates in November’s general election.

AFP-SC Director of Public Affairs, Candace Carroll, released the following statement:

“Tonight, we sincerely thank our grassroots base who have one-of-a-kind capabilities in driving election turnout for their work over the past few months. By reaching voters ahead of the primary, we were thrilled to see four candidates move forward to the general election, getting one step closer to bringing even more principled leadership to our Statehouse. 

“AFP-SC is also thankful to see South Carolinians like Sarah Curran and Jason Shamis step up and take on the challenge of running for public office. While we are disappointed in their race outcome, it is with deep gratitude that we applaud their efforts.”

AFP-SC Endorsed Candidates Winning Primary Races

State Rep. Jason Elliott SD-06, Runoff  

State Sen. Katrina Shealy SD-23, Runoff  

Blake Sanders HD-09, Runoff  

State Rep. Cal Forrest HD-39

State Rep. Randy Ligon HD-43

State Rep. Brandon Newton HD-45

State Rep. Carla Schuessler HD-61