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AFP-SC Makes Three Additional State Endorsements, Adding to List of Candidates that will Support Economic Prosperity and Freedom

May 6, 2024 by AFP

COLUMBIA, SC—Americans for Prosperity-South Carolina (AFP-SC) announced its support of State Reps. Cal Forrest (HD-39), Randy Ligon (HD-43), and Brandon Newton (HD-45) to continue serving the Palmetto State. The announcement follows the release of six candidates AFP-SC put the weight of its grassroots activists behind, making the total nine endorsements for this cycle thus far.

AFP-SC is confident that these principled leaders will take on issues that unleash economic prosperity and freedom, but specifically highlighted their critical support for expanding school choice to more students.

AFP-SC State Director, Candace Carroll, released the following statement:

“Our grassroots activists are eager to gain more support for principled leaders who will take our growing state in the right direction. Reps. Forrest, Ligon, and Newton have a proven policy record on some of the top issues for hardworking families across our state, like ensuring kids have the best resources in their education.

“By working on matters like expanding options in health care and eliminating overburdensome regulations, we know South Carolina has strong representation in the legislature and AFP is ready to tackle these issues even further under their leadership.”

Endorsed Candidates

State Rep. Cal Forrest (HD-39)

Rep. Forrest is aligned on expanding access to health care including the practice of telemedicine to ensure more South Carolina families’ needs are met. AFP-SC was grateful to work with Rep. Forrest on repealing CoN regulations and working to grow other programs such as ESAs to ensure quality education is possible for every student.

State Rep. Randy Ligon (HD-43)

AFP-SC is glad to work with Rep. Ligon to expand the state’s ESA program to ensure more families can access funds to help their child receive the right form of education. Rep. Ligon has been instrumental on energy legislation this session as well as licensure reform to support our local business community.

State Rep. Brandon Newton (HD-45)

A proven leader on health care, AFP-SC was thrilled to work alongside Rep. Newton to repeal the state’s onerous CoN laws and create greater access to care and competition. His sponsorship of critical legislation to expand ESAs while working with AFP has made him a key leader in educational freedom.