AFP-KS: More Meaningful Tax Reform Could Have Been Afforded to Kansans This Year

Jun 18, 2024 by AFP

Topeka, KS—In the midst of a costly special session, Americans for Prosperity-Kansas (AFP-KS) says the tax bill passed is far from the relief Kansans could have received this year with a single-rate plan.

Governor Laura Kelly has vetoed more than 75 tax cuts in 8 bipartisan and comprehensive tax packages since taking office. Because the Governor neglected several bipartisan tax plans passed by both chambers this year, she called them back in session to pass her legislation.

AFP-KS State Director, Liz Patton, made the following statement:

“This costly and unnecessary special session could have been avoided with Governor Kelly signing a bipartisan tax compromise bill weeks ago. This legislation now offers Kansans less tax reform than we could have delivered. The legislation passed is a step in the right direction, though more work remains to be done to cut income tax for Kansans who are already struggling in Biden’s economy. We look forward to working with policy champions next session to ensure comprehensive tax reform is delivered for hardworking families in our state.”