“Exodus on the Parkway” Report Shows New Jerseyans Getting Off Big-Government Highway

Mar 11, 2014 by AFP

“Exodus on the Parkway” Report Shows New Jerseyans Getting Off Big-Government Highway

MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NJ – Americans for Prosperity state director Daryn Iwicki is responding to a recent report examining the impact of New Jersey’s tax climate on outbound migration.

“The recent study done by Regent Atlantic, “Exodus on the Parkway”, echoes what Americans for Prosperity has been saying for years about New Jersey: our oppressive tax climate is driving people out.

“Unfortunately, liberals in Trenton still refuse to take up the issue of lowering our state expenses and providing real tax relief to middle class families.  I have heard both Republicans and Democrats say we need to address property taxes in New Jersey, but I have only seen proposals from Republicans to fix the problem. This can only mean one of two things about liberals in the Legislature: one, they are disingenuous when they talk about solving our property tax crisis, or two, they are beholden to the special interests which provide them campaign finances.

“What is worse, instead of fixing our spending problem, we have members calling for taxes ranging from a bag tax, water usage tax, water bottle tax, increasing the gas tax, and an increase in the income tax.  In fact, every time talks of a tax cut have been brought up, Democrats laugh at the idea.  They must be the only folks who think this is a joke because while they are laughing people are leaving.

“States like Florida, Wisconsin, Indiana, and North Carolina have addressed the need to cut spending and lower taxes which has resulted in savings for taxpayers and more money coming in at the state level.  Florida has seen an unemployment rate of over 11% drop to 6.7% in three year’s time due to spending and tax cuts.

“Frankly, this report already confirms what I know from my own experience. I left New Jersey several years back for the very reasons outlined in the Regent report—because taxes here were getting out of control. I came back because I love New Jersey and I’ve seen what works in other states and want to see New Jersey do better.

“Groups like New Jersey Policy Perspective will try to sweep this report under the rug because it goes against their discredited ideas that higher taxes and spending breeds more prosperity. It’s an indictment of everything they stand for—all of the big-government policies they have advocated for over the past dozen years which have led New Jersey toward ruin.

“Americans for Prosperity understands why people are leaving and we are tired of the Legislature doing nothing to stop it. AFP desires a new dawn of prosperity in New Jersey that will create an environment people want to flock to, not a place residents are looking to flee. And that’s why we will continue to fight for saving our great state through common sense legislation which will stimulate our economy and spur job growth.”

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