Ellmers Defeat is a Victory for Economic Freedom and a Testament to the Grassroots Movement

Jun 8, 2016 by AFP

Following Americans for Prosperity’s unprecedented six-figure effort and sweeping grassroots accountability initiative, Rep. Renee Ellmers lost her bid for reelection Tuesday, becoming the first GOP congressional incumbent to lose a seat in 2016.

Elected in 2010 with the tea party wave that swept through the House, Ellmers ran on a message of reining in government spending but quickly fell in line with special interests instead of defending the values of the North Carolinians that put her in office.

In her reelection campaign, Ellmers again tried to run on a platform of fiscal responsibility and shaking up the status quo in D.C., but in the end, there was no hiding her record.

In recent weeks, AFP deployed its activist network to educate voters on Ellmers’ support for corporate welfare and big-government policies. To highlight the Congresswoman’s broken campaign promises, North Carolinians knocked on over 15,000 doors and made 178,000 phone calls throughout the state.

As a result, the significance of Ellmers’ defeat is rippling across the country today as lawmakers and the media recognize the power of AFP’s grassroots capabilities to hold lawmakers accountable regardless of party. It is a testament to our grassroots education model that connects the public to their lawmakers and the issues that matter.

AFP is always ready to stand up to thank politicians who promote economic freedom even when it is difficult, because that is when it matters most. We are also willing to let the public know when their elected officials stray from those principles, regardless of their party affiliation. That is a crucial component to advancing a free society: taking a long-term approach, educating our neighbors on the phone or at their front door, and pressing lawmakers to make the right calls.

Actions have consequences and we are committed to ensuring that lawmakers’ actions advance the policies of economic freedom and prosperity. The great news is that these efforts are working to stop the ongoing wasteful spending and special favors that plague Washington. 

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