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Dustin Zvonek is the vice president of strategy and innovation where he oversees the teams responsible for testing new innovative grassroots tactics aimed at advancing the organization’s policy and political priorities from state houses to our nation’s capital. Dustin’s team also works alongside AFP’s state chapters to ensure they have the data and technology needed in the field to contact citizens at their door or on the phone.

Dustin started with Americans for Prosperity in 2013 as the Colorado state director where he led the chapter’s successful effort in 2014 to defeat then Senator Mark Udall. Dustin later spent two years as a regional director where he oversaw state operations in a number of states across the country.

Prior to joining AFP, Dustin spent the past decade working on the frontlines of policy and politics in Colorado, successfully managing political campaigns for members of Congress, state legislators and a district attorney. He served as the policy director for the State Senate minority leader and later as the policy advisor for a free market think tank in Colorado. Dustin spent several years at a public affairs consulting firm that specialized in mobilizing grassroots support for energy and land development projects throughout Colorado.

Dustin currently lives in Parker, Colorado with his three children and can often be found at the ballpark coaching his 10-year-old son’s football team or cheering on his 6-year-old daughter’s softball team.