Mundelein Field Office Open House Wednesday, August 20th

Jul 29, 2014 by AFP

Government policies affect us all; they affect how much money we are able to keep to support our families & they affect our personal liberties.  As the largest grassroots organization fighting for economic freedom in Illinois, we’re committed to educating and engaging all Illinoisans to promote greater economic opportunity and well-being.

So committed, in fact, that we now have deployed Field Directors with offices in various parts of the state who are connecting with folks every day to educate citizens about important issues including taxes, wasteful spending and ObamaCare.  Field Director Hans Schulzke is doing just that.  Please consider donating some of your time and joining Hans to make a difference in your community.

Please join us as we open our Mundelein Field Office
Open House
Wednesday, August 20th
6 – 8PM
405 Washington Street, Suite 107
Mundelein, 60060
(331) 214-0512
Click here to RSVP 

Here in Illinois, the state spends more than it takes in and Governor Pat Quinn’s urging the Legislature to make his temporary 67% tax hike permanent.  Thanks largely to your efforts, that hasn’t happened yet but there will likely be another push when the Legislature reconvenes for its lameduck session.  Nationally, the Supreme Court recently sided with an Illinois mom who didn’t think that staying home to care for her disabled son gave the public employee unions the right to force her to pay them dues.

It’s up to us as citizens to insure that our elected officials pursue policies that lead to greater prosperity and well-being for all Illinoisans.  You can make a difference.  Won’t you please join Hans and help us restore Illinois?