Don’t delay

Mar 4, 2014 by AFP

The New Hampshire State Senate is considering an increase in the Gas/Diesel Tax.

Please click here to let your State Senator know you oppose this tax increase!

Please use this link to listen to the audio of the NH Senate Ways and Means Committee hearing from February 18 on SB 367, which would increase the Gas/Diesel Tax in our state. 

After listening to the hearing it is still unclear where the $32 million that is projected to be raised by SB 367 is going if it were to pass.

At the hearing on Feb. 18th it was interesting to hear Senate President Chuck Morse point out to Commissioner Clements that the budget of his department – the DOT – had gone up by 20% per year for the last five years for a total of $100 million. I think the Public deserves to know just why the DOT budget increased by 20% in each of the last five years before the Senators vote on increasing the Gas/Diesel Tax. I know of no other state department or agencies whose budgets have increased with as large a percentage as the DOT budget. As Senator Morse pointed out, this is not sustainable.

If you are concerned as I am, I would encourage you to click this link and send an e-mail to your State Senator and let them know how you feel about them imposing a $32 million tax increase on you.

Don’t delay, do it today!