Defeat of “Mom’s Bill” a Bitter Pill

Feb 14, 2014 by AFP

                                   But Group Still Hopes Hickenlooper Will Save The Day

Parker – Americans for Prosperity-Colorado, the state’s largest grassroots free-market group, today voiced disappointment at the defeat of a bill, SB-163, that would have placed a one year hold on implementation of federal Common Core standards in Colorado, buying the state precious time for more study and debate involving this controversial new program. The group says it’s now up to Gov. Hickenlooper to save the state from stumbling forward on something that could have negative impacts in the classroom for decades to come.

Colorado leapt before it looked on this latest federal education fad and this sensible bill was the parachute we needed to slow our ascent and avoid a crash landing,” said AFP-Co State Director Dustin Zvonek, after the bill went down in committee on a party-line vote. “Given the growing controversy Common Core is generating across the country, even among Hickenlooper’s fellow Democrats, it only makes sense to slow down and do the due diligence that was lacking when we jumped aboard this bandwagon in 2010. A one year time out won’t really hurt anything, but rushing forward now, before all the costs and consequences are understood, could cost Colorado school kids dearly for years to come.

Zvonek and AFP-Co several weeks ago sent an open letter to Hickenlooper, making the case for why a one year time-out made sense. SB-163, which is known widely as the Mom’s Bill, would mandate a similar pause, while creating an independent board to assess the likely impacts of Common Core. Zvonek said that he still has hope that Hickenlooper will heed the growing call for caution regarding Common Core and undertake and pause and review through executive action.

Grassroots opposition to Common Core is a cauldron that’s likely to boil over on the governor’s watch if he doesn’t tune into what’s happening and dial down the heat,” Zvonek said. “Having a parents’ rebellion on your hands in an election year isn’t something I would want. And the governor could show some leadership and smarts by getting ahead of this while he still can.

Common Core was a “sleeper issue” until relatively recently, when implementation sparked a parent backlash across the country. New questions are raised daily about watered-down standards, politically-correct content, high costs, questionable testing methods and the loss of local control that accompanies more Washington meddling.

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