Corporate Welfare Recipient EFI Cries Out for More Taxpayer Money

Feb 23, 2016 by AFP

Enterprise Florida, Inc doing disservice to Floridians with calls for lavish spending

TALLAHASSEE – Americans for Prosperity-Florida (AFP-FL), the leading grassroots advocacy organization opposing wasteful incentive spending, responded to the shortsighted remarks by Enterprise Florida, Inc today. 

“Newsflash, AFP is not Koch Industries,” said state director, Chris Hudson. “And spreading any amount of misinformation to that point, doesn’t change the fact that AFP is composed of thousands of hardworking Americans who have tasked us with putting an end to the crony corporate welfare spending sprees that lawmakers have doled out for far too long. AFP has a long and consistent history of opposing all forms of corporate welfare, no matter what companies or industries benefit.”

Hudson continued, “Executives at Enterprise Florida, Inc., and the state employees who pushed out this erroneous attack on a private company, could better spend their time doing the job that taxpayers are paying for them to attempt to accomplish, at a rate of nearly 90-10 from taxpayer contributions in their supposed public private partnership. EFI, who has come under serious internal scrutiny of late, claims that they are trying to help small businesses create jobs, but the reality is 85% of Florida businesses have less than 10 employees and don’t qualify for the lavish handouts Bill Johnson and company want to dish out. EFI says they want to diversify the economy, but the reality is that almost half of all incentive projects from 2000 to 2010 were for the manufacturing industry. Despite that generous support from taxpayers, the percentage of our GDP from manufacturing has actually declined.”

 Votes taken on S.B. 1646 and H.B. 1325 will be scored on AFP-FL’s Economic Freedom Scorecard. 

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