Common Core Support Plummets

Jun 30, 2014 by AFP

Parents with school-aged children, conservatives, and moderate republicans are among the growing opposition to Common Core. The reasons are all over the board but, the overall concern is the federal overtake of our education system.

Fewer education decisions being made at the state and local level paired with a greater emphasis on standardized testing is making Common Core a hot issue for anyone interested in education.

Parents are becoming increasing aware of the implications of Common Core. Proponents of Common Core will no longer be able to use glossy talking points to sell the idea.  A recent Rasmussen poll found support dwindling with parents and a substantial drop in support since last year.

“Only 34 percent of American adults with children of elementary or secondary school age now favor … Common Core”

Conservatives are beginning to align on the issue as well. Whether they consider themselves business or Tea Party conservatives both factions of the conservative movement strongly oppose Common Core at 61%. Read more here

Standards are a good thing. Turning over our education system to the federal government is not. Our education standards should be truly state-led, with oversight at the state-level not in D.C.