Colorado Mountain College Faculty the Latest Victims of ObamaCare

Mar 26, 2014 by AFP

How will Udall Help the Professors Who are Losing Hours Due to ObamaCare?

PARKER – Americans for Prosperity is asking how Senator Udall is going to help the faculty at Colorado Mountain College whose hours have been cut due to ObamaCare. The Aspen Daily News reported today that “CMC has joined many community colleges across the country by capping part-time teaching loads to fall below that 30-hour threshold, averting an unbudgeted increase in faculty health care costs next year.”

“Our community college faculty are the latest victims of ObamaCare, as Colorado Mountain College is just the latest employer to decide that cutting hours or jobs is easier than paying the UnAffordable Care Act,” explained Dustin Zvonek, CO state director of Americans for Prosperity. “It’s time for Senator Udall to listen to the many constituents being harmed by ObamaCare. While the White House attempts to minimize the problem by suggesting that ObamaCare frees people from being ‘trapped in a job,’ hard working Coloradans want their Senator to stand up for them. Will he?”

Colorado Mountain College is just the latest in a long line of employers in Colorado and throughout the nation to cut hours or jobs due to ObamaCare. White House Spokesman Jay Carney recently responded to reports that ObamaCare is causing people leaving the workforce by saying that “Americans would no longer be trapped in a job just to provide coverage for their families.”

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