Call Senator Parson to Cap Spending

Feb 26, 2014 by AFP

Bolivar, MO – Last year, one of AFP – Missouri’s top legislative priorities a “Cap Spending” bill that would keep in check future government spending was narrowly defeated in a Senate hearing.  This year we have another bite of the apple to rein in government spending and we need your help TONIGHT!

Tomorrow morning the “Cap Spending Bill (SJR 26) will be heard in the Senate Ways and Means Committee and is scheduled to be up for a vote.

We need you to contact Senator Mike Parson at 573-751-8793 or email him at and tell him you want him to support SJR 26.

Last year Senator Parson walked out of the committee when Cap Spending was to be voted on.  Make sure he is on the record tomorrow morning!   

The Cap Spending measure is a modest spending cap that limits the government spending in Missouri.  If passed, it would need to be approved by the voters of Missouri and would limit state general revenue appropriations to the amount of appropriations made in the previous fiscal year increased by an inflationary growth factor. In any fiscal year where net general revenue collections exceed total state general revenue appropriations by more than one percent of total general revenue appropriations, the excess over one percent will be transferred to the newly created cash operating reserve fund to be used to reduce all state income tax rates. The amendment provides procedures for appropriating revenues in excess of the appropriation limitation and restoring certain expenditures of the state or any of its agencies when no other funds are available in cases of emergency.

As MO returns to budget surpluses after several years of high unemployment and stagnant economic growth, our elected leaders may be tempted to return to the days of spending those budget surpluses.

If you support limited government, please contact Senator Mike Parson at 573-751-8793 or email him at to urge him to support SJR 26.
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