Call Rep. Jasper – Demand Tax Relief

Jun 12, 2017 by AFP

The New Hampshire House of Representatives failed to pass a budget for the first time in recorded history.

The Senate already passed a budget which includes expansion of tax relief for employers that began in 2015. Despite the failure of House leadership to pass a budget and the House having no position on the state budget, the House did not approve the Senate budget.

Now both chambers will work out the budget differences in a Committee of Conference. Speaker Jasper immediately told his Senate counterparts that he would be opposing the Senate’s position of reducing business taxes.

Rep. Jasper is blocking the tax relief our employers need to be competitive and spur on the economy. New Hampshire needs lower taxes. Please give Speaker Shawn Jasper a call and let him know you support cutting taxes, not growing government.

Speaker Shawn Jasper: Phone: (603) 595-9621