Buffalo Bill Sighting In Trenton

Feb 18, 2014 by AFP

Finally, the New Jersey Legislature is making a move in the right direction by removing unnecessary regulations on bison farmers. Assembly Bill 548, sponsored by John DiMaio (R-23) and co-sponsored by Alison McHose (R-24), recently passed through committee. The legislation seeks to remove the “exotic species” classification from bison and put them under the classification of agricultural livestock.

Recently, American buffalo meat has seen a surge in popularity as a healthier alternative to beef. But it has been tough for New Jersey farmers to keep up with the current demand due to the burdensome regulations placed on them.  One of these regulations is to provide unnecessary shelter for these tough animals that regularly weather snowstorms in the Midwest, and are known to walk towards winter storms.

By allowing the farmers to do what they know is best, this industry will be allowed to thrive and bring new agricultural jobs and opportunity to the state of New Jersey.  It would be great to see more common sense legislation like this moving through Trenton.