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Director of Online Education

Christopher Stio is an experienced activist trainer, former Bush Administration appointee, and director of online education for Americans for Prosperity's Education and Training department.

As director of online education, his team works to develop online learning experiences for local and potential local leaders by giving them the training, knowledge, skills, and the confidence to create and build movements of millions to advance a society of equal rights and mutual benefit.

Prior to joining AFP, Stio served in the Bush Administration as a special assistant in the Department of Labor’s Center for Faith-Based & Community Initiatives. Additionally, he was campaign staff for President Bush’s reelection campaign in Michigan.

He was the director of Campus Leadership & Core Schools at The Leadership Institute, training thousands of activists across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. These experiences have made him passionate about empowering citizens with the skills to make their voices heard in the key institution of government.

Stio also a member of the Knights Columbus, where he has held numerous leadership positions. He lives in Virginia with his wife Laurie, and children Teddy and Genevieve.