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Picture from Cheryl Couture
Grassroots Trainer

Cheryl Couture is a grassroots trainer in the south region for Americans for Prosperity's Education and Training department. Her passion is to provide a tailored training experience to equip leaders and everyday people to do extraordinary things. She is inspired when people use their gifts and talents to make a difference in their community.

Couture brings over 22 years of educational and grassroots organizing experience to the Education and Training team. In her native state of Florida, Cheryl served as a constitutional and organizational leader in the homeschool community, working with the Christian Homeschool Educators of Collier County and East Naples Organization of Homeschoolers. Cheryl also served as a trainer for American Majority, and founded the Southwest Florida 9.12 Project, growing the group to over 800 members. She is a graduate of the Tillie Fowler Excellence in Public Service for Women.

Upon joining Americans for Prosperity in 2012, Couture was a national leader in grassroots engagement before moving to Americans for Prosperity Foundation as a senior outreach director, recruiting speakers and developing partnerships to empower individuals to understand and apply free society principles.

Couture's passion to equip citizens and leaders led her to join the Education and Training team as a trainer. Her natural affinity to help others to be their highest and best, builds relationships and brings the vision for equal rights and mutual benefit to activists and leaders in the south region of the country. She enjoys the Florida sunshine, reading, music, and time with her husband, family and grandson.