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A Better Tomorrow for Iowa requires lawmakers who reflect on the good work that’s been done in recent years while recognizing the challenges that remain. Lawmakers who tackle the biggest barriers to opportunity and prosperity, instead of tinkering around the edges.

A Better Tomorrow for Iowa demands that men and women across our great state make a commitment to putting good public policy first!

A Better Tomorrow for Iowa requires a shared and compelling vision for the future of our state

A Better Tomorrow for Iowa means…

Health Care reforms that ensure every Iowan has access to quality health care at the lowest possible cost

Through various regulations including scope-of-practice and certificate-of-need laws, Iowa places limits on the supply of health care. These restrictions limit access, increase costs and stifle innovation. Iowans deserve a health care system where health providers are free to care for patients to the full extent of their training, purchase the newest tools and technology to enhance their practice, and build new innovative models of health care delivery.

Removing excessive regulation that stifles economic growth, wastes taxpayer dollars, and limits individual freedom

Too often, regulatory roadblocks keep Americans from pursuing their American dream. Smart regulatory reform can create an economy that works for all by empowering people to earn success and realize their potential. Government regulations can play a part in protecting public safety and ensuring a level playing field, but overregulation and red tape can have the opposite effect. In fact, overregulation often only serves as a barrier to entrepreneurs and economic growth. Iowa lawmakers should continue to reduce the burden of occupational licensing laws and develop a process to review outdated regulations and streamline others.

Lowering taxes so that Iowans can keep more of what they earn

States with lower tax burdens don’t just experience greater economic growth but also see higher rates of population growth — both of which contribute to greater opportunity and quality of life. Despite recent tax reforms, Iowa still ranks near the bottom in tax competitiveness. Additionally, we live with a series of tax credits and other economic incentives that pick winners and losers in our economy while forcing some taxpayers to shoulder a larger share of the cost of government than others. But fixing these problems doesn’t have to be complicated. By cutting tax credits and other incentive handouts, we can reduce rates across the board to create a more competitive environment that treats all taxpayers equally.

An education system that gives every child access to the education that best fits their needs

Often, families and educators want the same thing in education: a system that helps students discover, develop, and apply their unique abilities. But today, teachers have their hands tied with bureaucratic mandates and testing requirements, and public education is often tied directly to where you live. These policies assign homes to particular schools, which limits the educational options that are available to families. Each and every student must have access to an education that unleashes their extraordinary potential — regardless of their family income or ZIP code.

Our lawmakers can bring transformational change to education across our state by freeing teachers to teach and empowering families with the flexibility to determine how resources are allocated in pursuing the education that works for them.

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