Because of your effort!

Jun 26, 2014 by AFP

Today thanks to your efforts the Pennsylvania Senate State Government Committee reported Senate Bill 1034, paycheck protection legislation to the Senate Floor.  The Committee amended the original language that would prevent the collection of all political money including Political Action Committees, but would still allow the fair share fees to be collected.

As you know, the House State Government Committee reported out their bill earlier this week.  Paycheck Protection could now be voted on the House or Senate floor at any time.    Please go here today to contact your House and Senate members to ask them to support paycheck protection!
Paycheck Protection would take the state and local governments and school districts out of the political money collections business. Whether you are a union member or not, your money is subsidizing unions and union Political Action Committees.  That’s right, unions are using your tax dollars to help support the campaigns of politicians who support their interests – not yours.
We are on the right path to stopping this unfair practice so please contact your House and Senate members today and encourage them to stay strong and support Paycheck Protection!
Thank you for all you do to promote economic prosperity in Pennsylvania!