Bad news for the Arkansas Medicaid Expansion

May 3, 2014 by AFP

So some people keep touting the Private Option Medicaid expansion. But it looks like things aren’t so rosy. From The Washington Times:

Since it was adopted last year, the Arkansas “private option” has been the model for red states eager to expand Medicaid, which was originally meant to help the down and out, to a new class of able-bodied, working-age, childless adults. The scheme is dressed up like a private-sector solution, to use federal dollars to enable the poor to buy private health insurance. The Medicaid money gives taxpayer-funded Medicaid services to the newly eligible recipients through Obamacare exchange plans.

The article goes on to say that we and other states have been flamboozled. Yep – leave it to Obama and his cronies to continually try to pull the wool over our eyes.

The Arkansas Medicaid private option is already over budget by nearly 15 percent. Costs exceed federal caps and, absent a reversal, Arkansas taxpayers will be charged tens of millions more dollars in cost overruns.

Arkansas officials are coming soon to Washington to seek a federal bailout. This shifts the burden to U.S. taxpayers to pay for the empty promise of the fiscally unstable private option expansion.

We know that many of the legislators that voted for this law thought they were doing the right thing. But they made a mistake. It’s time to fix that mistake.

To read the full editorial from The Washington Times, please click here.