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Governor Evers' Budget is Wrong for Wisconsin

X Higher Taxes

X More Wasteful Government Spending

X Less Education Freedom

Join AFP-Wisconsin instead to fight for a better budget and a better future for Wisconsin.

Call 608-205-4302 and Tell Gov. Evers His Budget will Hurt Wisconsin Students, Families & Workers

The good news is you can help us fight back against this bad budget then add button click here to Join the Fight with the link.

Wisconsin can’t afford Governor Evers’ proposed budget!

The last thing Wisconsin families need right now are tax hikes that make life more expensive. But that is exactly what Governor Evers is proposing.

Instead of tax hikes on Wisconsin families, we need real tax reform that helps Main Street businesses and families across Wisconsin. We can achieve this by moving Wisconsin to a flat income tax – where all taxpayers pay the same rate on their income. This tax reform will put more money into your pocket, and help small businesses expand and innovate.

Make sure your legislator knows we can’t afford Governor Evers’ proposed budget

Click Here to Help Reject Evers’ Budget

Governor Evers Plans to Spend our Hard Earned Money on Stadium Bailouts

he is proposing giving away $290 million to renovate the Milwaukee Brewers’ stadium, a team owned by an out-of-state millionaire.

But wait. There’s more. Governor Evers is also proposing using your hard-earned tax dollars to fund a soccer stadium in Milwaukee and an ice arena in Janesville.

Tell Governor Evers we don’t want our tax dollars going to stadium bailouts.

Oppose Evers’ Tax Hikes

It’s been a tough year for Wisconsin families. The last thing we need right now is a budget that hikes taxes and makes it more difficult to buy our kids a new pair of gym shoes or pay our property taxes. But that’s exactly what Governor Evers is proposing.

To add insult to injury, his proposed budget will increase our taxes while giving taxpayer-funded handouts to well-connected big business and special interests, at our expense.

We need a budget that lowers taxes, funds our priorities, and helps families across our state get back to the Wisconsin way of life.

Our hard-earned tax dollars should not be used as gifts to well-connected special interests.

Urge Governor Evers TODAY to oppose tax hikes on Wisconsin families.

Click Here to Oppose Tax Hikes!

Governor Evers’ budget fails students and families.

He is trying to freeze Wisconsin children out of successful education opportunities, like the school choice programs and charter schools.

Contact Governor Evers today to tell him to stand with students, parents, and families to support solutions that ensure every Wisconsin student has access to the best education and the brightest future possible.

Sign the petition today to support more education freedom for all Wisconsin families.

Join us to fight for a brighter future for our families and for Wisconsin.

We are building a movement across Wisconsin to stand up against Governor Evers’ irresponsible budget and find solutions that cut taxes, improve government spending, and give more families access to education freedom.

Sign up today to join us in this movement

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Protect Worker Freedom

Worker freedom is key to Wisconsin’s recovering economy. Governor Evers’ recent budget proposal would take away these freedoms, put holes in our families’ budgets, and slow our economic recovery.

Our families can’t afford these attacks on workers’ rights.  

Act 10 alone has saved Wisconsin taxpayers $14 billion, and now Governor Evers wants to roll back these proven cost savings.

Right to Work has provided thousands of workers the ability to use their First Amendment right of freedom of association to decide if they want to join a union, now Governor Evers wants to repeal these protections.

Urge Governor Evers to reconsider these attacks on worker freedom in his proposed budget.

Click Here to Support Workers

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