AZ Legislative Policy Agenda for 2014

Jan 30, 2014 by AFP

Banking and finance are crucial areas of Arizona’s economy, and the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity’s grassroots lobbying team is keeping an active watch on bills moving through the Legislature that impact these sectors.

AFP-Arizona’s state legislative policy plan for this year is outlined in the scoring rubric for our 2014 Legislative Scorecard.  (CLICK HERE for a printable pdf version that includes bill sponsors and bill numbers).  The 2014 scorecard will be the 30th annual scorecard put out by AFP-Arizona and the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers.  The scorecard weights bills according to their projected dollar impact to Arizona taxpayers, consumers, and producers ($1 million equals one point).   Since 2008, AFP-Arizona has given legislators advance notice of which bills would be scored as key bills during the session.  Grassroots taxpayer activists can help us greatly by reminding returning legislators and newly elected legislators that we will hold them strictly accountable in 2014.  As in 2009-2013, the designations for the 2014 Legislative Scorecard will be as follows:

90-100% = Hero of the Taxpayer
80-89% = Champion of the Taxpayer
70-79% = Friend of the Taxpayer
60-69% = Not Bad
50-59% = Needs Improvement
30-49% = Friend of Big Government
10-29% = Champion of Big Government
0-9% = Hero of Big Government

State Legislative Objectives – 2014 Session          (Updated 01/26/2026)

1)     Restrain State Government Spending Growth to Population + Inflation
2)     Enact Pro-Growth Tax Reforms, Including Killing the Inflation Tax
3)     Refer Constitutional Property Tax Reform to Ballot  (possible citizen initiative)
4)     Allow Consumers to Purchase Health Insurance Across State Lines
)     Allow the Terminally Ill the Right to Try Medications Unapproved by FDA
6)     Require Criminal Background Checks for ObamaCare Navigators
)     Stop School Districts from Electioneering, Setting Up Fake Charter Schools
)     Exempt Private, Charter & High-Performing Schools from Common Core
)     Expand AZ’s Private School K-12 Tax Credits, Education Savings Accounts
)   Pass the “Truth-in-Spending” Budget Transparency Bill
11)   Mandate Transparency in Collective Bargaining/”Meet-and-Confer”
12)   Pass Paycheck Protection for Government Employees
13)   Reform Abuses in Taxpayer-Funded Union Release Time, Pension Spiking
14)   Enact Regulatory, Licensing Reforms — NFIB Small Biz Bill of Rights
15)   Prevent Enactment of New Corporate-Welfare Tax Credits / Loan Guarantees
16)   Restrain the Creation of Special Local Government Taxing/Bonding Districts

AFP-AZ thanks its activists, coalition partners and allied Legislators for their assistance.  Longer-term objectives beyond 2014 include: repealing/phasing out state income taxes, instituting a firm state spending limit, creating a personal use education tax credit for parents, moving all government employee pensions from defined benefit to defined contribution, and voucherizing higher education.