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Arizona’s Pathway to Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity-Arizona’s Pathway to Prosperity lays out important steps lawmakers can take to improve the lives of all Arizonans and make our state a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

During Arizona’s 2020 Legislative Session, AFP-AZ will focus its legislative priorities on reforming our criminal justice system and improving education for all students.

Reforming Our Criminal Justice System

To create a pathway to prosperity, Arizona must provide a pathway to second chances. With many tough-on-crime laws still on the books, we must make steps to make sure our criminal justice system respects human dignity, restores victims, removes barriers to opportunity for people with criminal records, and ensures equal justice for all under the law.

To give people a second chance after they’ve paid their debts to society, we must look at opportunities to alleviate barriers by expunging their records and allowing for a clean slate.

It’s time for Arizona to expand earn release credits that prepare incarcerated individuals for reentry into their communities after completing programming. While Arizona currently allows for individuals to earn certain privileges through program completion—showing that our justice system understands the benefits of incentivizing program completion—we have a much lower reduction rate than many of our neighboring states.

We must make it easier for our policymakers to see the effects our laws have on recidivism, crime, and safety. In order to do so, we must make criminal justice data across our counties uniform by passing data transparency legislation. Arizona leads the way in many areas of policy reform. Now it’s time for us to take on the challenge of reforming our criminal justice system.

Ending Corporate Welfare Giveaways

Government shouldn’t be in the business of picking economic winners and losers at the expense of hard-working Arizonans. We are committed to eliminating the practice of government handouts that only allow the well-connected to reap the benefits. Our lawmakers should focus on breaking down barriers to level the playing field so all Arizona businesses can realize their potential to succeed.

Tackling Taxes

Following the lead of Governor Doug Ducey, we will champion the phrase: “No new taxes. Not this session. Not next session.” This legislative session, AFP’s activists will continue to champion efforts to lower the tax burden on hard-working Arizonans.
We will encourage lawmakers to reject any attempts to raise the tax burden on Arizonans—especially through substantial increases to the state’s gas tax that would impact many industries and weaken our economy.

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