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Arizona’s Pathway to Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity-Arizona’s Pathway to Prosperity lays out important steps lawmakers can take to improve the lives of all Arizonans and make our state a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

During Arizona’s 2022 Legislative Session, AFP-AZ and its dedicated activists will focus on legislative priorities to improve economic opportunity, educational freedom, health care, and criminal justice reforms.

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Economic Opportunity for All Arizonans

This year, AFP-AZ will focus on policy reforms that unleash opportunity by removing barriers to economic mobility and growth, whether that be through reforms that lower the tax burden on families, reducing barriers to Arizonans starting a business and earning a living, or reducing red tape. With the priority of making, it easier for Arizonans to provide for their families, our activists will advocate for principled reforms that help businesses grow, create jobs, and promote economic opportunity for all.

Lowering the Tax Burden:This session, AFP-AZ activists will continue to advocate for tax relief for all Arizonans. AFP-AZ worked to make Arizona the lowest Flat-Tax state in the nation, and we will work to make sure that all Arizonans keep more of their hard-earned dollars.

Promote Entrepreneurship and Innovation: By expanding regulatory sandboxes, Arizona can create an ideal space to encourage the development of open innovation thereby attracting more companies, talent, and investment. Allow for all businesses in specific industries to safely test out new ways to provide goods and services to consumers in our state through the expansion of the “regulatory sandbox.”

Educational Freedom and Opportunity

AFP-AZ activists will encourage their lawmakers to protect educational freedom for our students and their families and look for ways to expand opportunity. Through championing options that allow families to access alternative learning opportunities through the arts, athletics, and other mediums, Arizona can provide students the freedom to explore learning environments that build a strong foundation for a successful future.

In order to expand educational freedom, AFP-AZ will work to make changes to the underlying school finance formula that moves Arizona towards a school finance formula that benefits all students, creates more parental control and local autonomy, and provides relief to taxpayers and students who are being ravaged by inequitable funding avenues.

Reforming our Criminal Justice System

To create a pathway to prosperity, Arizona must provide a pathway to second chances. With many ineffective laws still on the books, we must take steps to make sure our criminal justice system respects human dignity, restores victims, removes barriers to opportunity for people with criminal records, and ensures equal justice for all under the law.

To ensure our policymakers are taking the legislative steps necessary to improve our communities, we must make it easier for them to see the effects our laws have on recidivism, crime, and safety. Arizona does not have a statewide database that collectively tracks an individual’s crime committed, sentencing, plea agreement, time served, or early release. In order to do so, we must make criminal justice data across our counties uniform by passing the second phase of data transparency.

In order to make sound decisions, we must be able to identify how and where taxpayer dollars are being spent within our criminal justice system. AFP-AZ will work to make it easier for taxpayers and lawmakers to have access to critical financial data from the Department of Corrections, by pushing for a financial and performance audit of the Arizona Department of Corrections to identify wasteful spending and prioritization of resources.

It is also time for Arizona to expand earned release credits that prepare incarcerated individuals for re-entry into their communities after completing programming that helps lower recidivism rates.

Increasing Access to Quality, Affordable Health Care

This year, AFP-AZ will continue its work to pass meaningful reforms that increase access, improve quality, and lower costs to health care that meets the needs of Arizona families.

AFP-AZ will work to increase access to quality medical care by reforming antiquated residency requirements for foreign-trained physicians. Allowing foreign-trained physicians to practice without undergoing costly and duplicative training requirements would significantly expand health care access for patients and communities facing health care shortages.

By removing burdensome restrictions in telemedicine such as requiring in-person exams for prescriptions, not allowing out-of-state providers to treat patients, and additional red tape that limits care, Arizonans will have greater access to highly qualified medical professionals at lower costs from the comfort of their homes.

We look forward to improving health care across Arizona by unleashing the potential of telemedicine, allowing highly trained medical professionals to treat patients, and removing other unnecessary restrictions that limit care.

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