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Arizona’s Pathway to Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity-Arizona’s Pathway to Prosperity lays out important steps lawmakers can take to improve the lives of all Arizonans and make our state a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

During Arizona’s 2021 Legislative Session, AFP-AZ and its dedicated activists will encourage legislators to prioritize ensuring economic and educational opportunity for all students, reforming our criminal justice system, removing barriers to innovation and technological advances, and expanding access to quality, affordable health care.

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Economic Opportunity for All Arizonans

This year, AFP-AZ will focus on policy reforms that unleash opportunity by removing barriers to economic mobility and growth, whether that be through reforms that lower the tax burden on families, reducing barriers to Arizonans entering a profession and earning a living, or reducing red tape. With the priority of making it easier for Arizonans to provide for their families, our activists will advocate for principled reforms that help businesses recover, create jobs, and help promote economic opportunity for all.

Lowering the Tax Burden: Following November’s passage of Proposition 208, Arizona small business owners and families could see a tax bill nearly two-times what is currently charged. While many of these same Arizonans are facing economic hardships due to the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, our activists know that lowering the tax burden must be a priority. This session, AFP-AZ activists will advocate for tax relief not only for small business owners and families impacted by Prop. 208, but for all Arizonans.

Making it Easier for Businesses to Grow:  In response to COVID-19’s economic challenges, Arizona’s leaders made a number of principled, temporary steps to roll back red tape, promote economic growth, and ensure many industries and small businesses had a chance to weather the storm. In particular, red tape was temporarily removed so restaurants could complete orders for to-go mixed drinks as an additional way to generate revenue. This session, we will work to codify this temporary relief for restaurants and make to-go mixed drinks, among other reductions in red tape, permanent.

Rolling Back Red Tape to Earning a Living: Arizonans should not have to seek a permission slip from the government to earn a living and provide for their families—especially through professions that do not impact public health. To make it easier for Arizonans to enter their chosen profession, the legislature should consider alternatives to government licensures in non-health related roles by passing a sunrise/sunset process reform bill for boards and commissions to review and limit these barriers to earning a paycheck. Just two years ago, Arizona made national headwinds by passing reforms to other licensing requirements. It’s time for our legislature to continue the momentum and take these additional steps to remove these barriers.

Educational Freedom and Opportunity

This challenging time in Arizona and our nation’s history has further emphasized the need to provide and protect the flexibility and support necessary to address every student’s individual needs in our education system. This legislative session, AFP-AZ activists will encourage their lawmakers to protect educational freedom for our students and their families, and look for ways to expand opportunity. Through championing microgrants and transportation options that allow families to access alternative learning opportunities through the arts, athletics, and other mediums, Arizona can provide students the freedom to explore learning environments that build a strong foundation for a successful future.

Reforming our Criminal Justice System

To create a pathway to prosperity, Arizona must provide a pathway to second chances. With many ineffective laws still on the books, we must take steps to make sure our criminal justice system respects human dignity, restores victims, removes barriers to opportunity for people with criminal records, and ensures equal justice for all under the law.

To ensure our policymakers are taking the legislative steps necessary to improve our communities, we must make it easier for them to see the effects our laws have on recidivism, crime, and safety. In order to do so, we must make criminal justice data across our counties uniform by passing data transparency legislation.

It is also time for Arizona to expand earned release credits that prepare incarcerated individuals for reentry into their communities after completing programming that helps lower recidivism rates. While Arizona currently allows for individuals to earn certain privileges through program completion—showing that our justice system understands the benefits of incentivizing program completion—we have a much lower reduction rate than many of our neighboring states.

Last year, we saw significant momentum at the Capitol on many pivotal reforms before the legislature adjourned. This year, alongside our dedicated activists, partners, and lawmakers, we will focus on passing reforms that ensure our criminal justice system is restorative, just, and prioritizes safer communities.

Arizona leads the way in many areas of policy reform. Now it’s time for us to take on the challenge of reforming our criminal justice system.

Driving Arizona Forward Through Technology and Innovation

Technological advances are transforming Arizona and the entire world. Innovations that once seemed impossible are now part of Arizonans’ everyday lives. But with disruption to the status quo comes understandable concern about the challenges that come with rapid change.

To continue protecting the rights and privacy of Arizonans, our lawmakers must take this opportunity to pass meaningful data privacy reforms that will protect individuals’ digital information, keep it secure, and restrict law enforcement from improperly obtaining, accessing, or using a person’s digital information stored on a private device or on the cloud from being used against them without a warrant, subpoena, or other exemption.

Arizona also has the opportunity to continue encouraging innovation and new ideas. In 2015, Governor Doug Ducey announced an executive order that brought our state to the forefront of the national conversation regarding advancement and experimentation in developing driverless vehicles. This year, our activists will strive to make this pivotal, but temporary step permanent by codifying Gov. Ducey’s executive order and committing Arizona to being a national leader in innovation and opportunity.

Increasing Access to Quality, Affordable Health Care

If the COVID-19 pandemic has brought any one policy issue to the forefront of Arizonans’ minds, it’s health care. This year, AFP-AZ will continue its work to pass meaningful reforms that increase access, improve quality, and lower costs to health care that meets the needs of Arizona families.

In this unprecedented public health crisis, innovations such as telehealth services are flourishing. Our activists will encourage their lawmakers to make many executive orders that were implemented to combat COVID-19 permanent. By removing burdensome restrictions in health care such as requiring in-person exams for prescriptions, not allowing out-of-state providers to treat patients, and additional red tape that limits care through telemedicine, Arizonans will have greater access to highly qualified medical professionals at lower costs from the comfort of their homes.

We look forward to improving health care across Arizona by unleashing the potential of telemedicine, allowing highly trained medical professionals across the country to treat patients, and removing other unnecessary restrictions that limit care.

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