Arizona Action Alert – Monday, February 24, 2014

Feb 25, 2014 by AFP


The deadline for hearing bills in their originating chamber has passed, and AFP-Arizona has been pretty successful so far – a lot of our priority bills have made their way through committees and are awaiting floor votes. In fact, one of our bills has already been passed on the floor and is on a committee agenda in the opposite chamber:

SB 1048-Income Tax Credit for Contributions to STOs
SB 1048, sponsored by Senator Steve Yarbrough (among others), would establish an individual income tax credit for contributions made by a business to a school tuition organization (STO). STOs provide scholarships to help children escape from failing government schools and attend independent schools chosen by their parents. This important reform would help encourage businesses to support educational reform.

The bill passed last week in the Senate by a vote of 17-13 and is going to be heard TODAY at 2:00 pm in the House Ways and Means Committee. Please take the following actions to make sure it successful:

  1. Click HERE to call or email the members of the House Ways and Means Committee to encourage them to SUPPORT this bill in committee today (and thank Representatives Debbie Lesko and J.D. Mesnard for co-sponsoring the legislation.
  2. Click HERE to email the House members in your district and ask them to please vote for SB 1048 when it comes to the floor.

In addition to this bill, many of AFP-Arizona’s other priority bills are still making their way to the floor in their original chamber. Please keep up the pressure on your legislators to support the following key issues, and go to our main ACTION PAGE to learn how you can help on all the individual issues we are working on:

SB 1354, SB 1355, and SB 1094 — Government Employee Paycheck Protection
SB 1354 and SB 1355, sponsored by Senator Gail Griffin (SB 1355 is co-sponsored by Senator Kelli Ward), would prohibit government employers from deducting any third party payment — including union political action funds — from an employee’s paycheck unless that employee regularly provides advance express written or electronic authorization. SB 1094, sponsored by Senator Chester Crandell, would prohibit school boards and superintendents from doing the same thing.

This legislation is important because it would prevent government unions from using their members’ dues to fund political activity that many members are opposed to.

All three of these bills should be coming to the Senate floor soon-please click HERE and HERE to let your Senator know how important it is to SUPPORT these bills!

HB 2614 — Truth-in Spending Budget Transparency
HB 2614, sponsored by Representative Steve Smith (and many others), would require the Legislature to notify the general public if the Legislature plans to increase state spending at a rate faster than the rate of growth of the state economy, as measured by personal income. As well as serving as a government transparency measure, Truth in Spending will serve as a “speed bump” for future Legislators — letting them know when spending growth outpaces the ability of the state economy to pay for that spending.

This bill should be moving for a floor vote soon, so please click HERE to tell your district’s legislators that you expect them to SUPPORT this important bill.

SB 1413 — Energy Sales Tax Exemption for Manufacturers
SB 1413, sponsored by Senator Steve Yarbrough, would enact Governor Jan Brewer’s proposal to enable Arizona to join most other states in not taxing the energy that manufacturers use. It will help Arizona compete with surrounding states and bring economic growth.

It is crucial that the exemption be as broad-based as possible so it can help all Arizona manufacturers. We cannot allow special interests to turn this bill into a carve-out for certain politically-favored companies. Your lobbying efforts will be key in making sure elected officials know their constituents expect this legislation to not be a special-interest carve out.

Please click HERE to tell your legislators that you want SB 1413 to provide BROAD-BASED tax relief Arizona manufacturers.

HB 2508 – Protecting Arizonans from Criminal ObamaCare “Navigators”
HB 2508, sponsored by Representative Phil Lovas, would ensure that individuals who desire to be health care “navigators” under ObamaCare undergo criminal background checks, and be subject to other regulatory protections. ObamaCare Navigators will have access to extremely sensitive personal information and will be dispensing important health advice to Arizonans who seek coverage on the federal exchange.

And yet, under ObamaCare, there is no requirement that these individuals have criminal background checks! HB 2508 will attempt to protect Arizona citizens from potential harm by mandating that navigators are properly vetted.

This bill should be heard on the House floor soon, so please click HERE to ask your district’s legislators to strongly SUPPORT HB 2508 when it comes for a vote.

Thank YOU!

Thank you for all you do to help win free-market victories for the people of Arizona. As citizen lobbyists, we need you to light a fire under those down at the state Capitol to make sure they defend Arizona taxpayers.

Help us keep up the fight!

AFP-Arizona needs to continue mobilizing activists to win victories for free-market policies. You can help us do that by donating $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, or any amount you can to ensure that we are able to continue our work. To support AFP-Arizona’s grassroots efforts, you can click HERE to go to our website and click the “Donate” button at the top of the page (just make sure to designate the contribution to Arizona!).

Thank you again for all your hard work – 2014 will be a great year and I hope you’ll continue to stand with us!