another perk

Feb 21, 2014 by AFP

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the union thugs in Philadelphia who destroyed a Quaker meeting house, threaten non-union contractors, and stalk business owners and operators that dare use non-union workers.

While the national news is drawing a spotlight on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) indictment of 10 union members, our state director Jennifer Stefano has been telling you about union violence for years.

She has also told you about the many exemptions that unions have in state law. Union thugs (not “The Helpful Union Guys”, as the Ironworkers called themselves) have a carve out that allows them to threaten weapons of mass destruction, stalk and harass business owners involved in a contract dispute. But unions have negotiated other perks as well. And while private sector unions, such as the Ironworkers, would not be affected by legislation called “Paycheck protection”, it is another example of a union perk.

Paycheck protection legislation would only affect public sector unions, which are those whose members are government employees – school teachers included. They have negotiated a special perk with the government. The government collects the union dues, political money and PAC money from employee paychecks. Then, the state government writes a check to the unions and the state treasurer signs it. This adds up to millions of dollars in dues every year and millions of dollars in PAC contributions. Overwhelmingly, those dollars are used for activities like lobbying, issue advocacy (which is essentially telling their members who to vote for) and direct campaign contributions.

Please contact your legislator and demand that paycheck protection be their priority this year.

If you would like to find out more about this issue and how you can be involved, we are holding 3 paycheck protection town halls in the Southeastern part of Pennsylvania. If you are from the Southeast and would like to attend, I encourage it. If you aren’t from the Southeast, your legislator still needs to hear from you!