An Event Without A Stage – By Joel Aaron Foster

May 22, 2014 by AFP

Imagine an event without a stage, a broadcast without a broadcaster, an audience without observers. Impossible? Not only is it possible, it’s probable and AFP Georgia is doing exactly this with the launch of the AFP Georgia Issues Hub. It’s an event to re-define the very nature of communication in an event setting – an environment for people who believe that the power of a community is found in its combined intelligence, that we work better collaborating for answers rather than competing for them. In short, the traditional lecture-stage event format is replaced by a room of participants in an original town hall style experience where everyone has a voice in the conversation. And it’s all being driven by the new internet technology available today.

The topic for our first Issues Hub is Young Entrepreneurship in 21st Century America and the topics will span many of the issues facing young entrepreneurs today. Government subsidies, cronyism, regulation, taxation, and even how culture views entrepreneurs themselves. Are they only after the buck or are they after something much deeper and more meaningful?

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Watch the LIVE YouTube stream on 5/28 HERE.
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