Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin Responds to Highly Critical DOT Audit

Jan 26, 2017 by AFP

The grassroots advocacy group is urging the state legislature not to tax working Wisconsinites and instead focus on cost saving solutions.

MADISON – Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin is responding to a scathing audit of Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation demonstrating that the department is experiencing serious budget issues. The audit shows that the state DOT significantly underestimated the costs of major highway projects and failed to manage expenses. AFP-Wisconsin State Director Eric Bott is arguing that legislators should address the DOT’s budget issues through cost saving solutions rather than asking taxpayers to shoulder the burden.

Key Points from the Audit:

  • Cost estimates for 16 majors have more than doubled from $2.7 billion to $5.8 billion
  • Expenditures exceeded cost estimates on 35 projects by 111%.
  • DOT missed opportunities to save more than $300 million by missing its own goals and performance metrics.
  • The Legislative Audit Bureau LAB makes 24 recommendations that will help use it’s fund more effectively.

Eric Bott, state director for Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin, issued the following statement:

“The audit released today confirms that significant problems have long persisted at the Department of Transportation. Now is not the time for our legislators to throw more money at major problems. The legislature must take charge of its oversight responsibilities and fix the DOT.

“The Assembly should set aside it’s tax shift scheme and focus on cost saving solutions. Raising taxes on working families before correcting these issues is irresponsible and unacceptable.

“Americans for Prosperity thanks incoming DOT Secretary Dave Ross for immediately committing to address the problems identified in the audit.”

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