Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin Commends Reform Dividend Budget

Feb 8, 2017 by AFP

Grassroots group praises tax cuts, pro-growth reforms in Governor Walker’s proposed biennial budget.

MADISON –Governor Scott Walker introduced the 2017-19 biennial budget this afternoon. Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin, the state’s largest pro-liberty grassroots organization representing more than 130,000 Badger State activists, praised several provisions in Governor Walker’s budget.

“Our activists will be thrilled to see Governor Walker focusing on things that matter,” said Eric Bott, Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin’s state director. “The governor is delivering promised tax relief to thousands of working families and removing the barriers that deny so many the dignity that comes through work. He’s reducing cronyism with a repeal of the prevailing wage and restoring democracy to the regulatory process with a state REINS Act.

“Governor Walker’s budget proves that pro-growth policies workPast tax cuts and pro-market reforms have created a reform dividend to invest in education and other state priorities. The legislature should take notice and advance the tax cuts and additional reforms included in the budget.”

Americans for Prosperity is specifically praising the following provisions contained within Governor Walker’s budget:

  • $592.7 million in total tax relief
  • Elimination of the state property tax
  • Over $200 million in income tax cuts targeting the working poor and middle class
  • A state REINS Act to restore democracy to regulations
  • Full repeal of the prevailing wage to protect taxpayers and help small business
  • Project labor agreement neutrality to give all workers a fair shot at government construction work
  • Occupational licensure reform to remove barriers to entry for aspiring workers and entrepreneurs
  • Generational welfare reforms aimed at providing all citizens with the dignity that comes through work
  • No gas tax increases
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