Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin To Air Anti-Gas Tax Ad During NFL Draft

Apr 27, 2017 by AFP

The group is using the ad to urge citizens to contact their legislators about opposing a gas tax increase.

MADISON – Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin is announcing that it will be airing an ad focused on defeating a gas tax hike during this year’s NFL draft. The ad is set to run statewide in Wisconsin and urges viewers to contact their legislators through a web page set up by Americans for Prosperity. The ad builds upon an ongoing digital and grassroots campaign the organization has been leading.

You can view the ad by clicking here.

Eric Bott, state director for Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin, issued the following statement:

“Wisconsin’s taxes remain some of the highest in the nation.  It’s irresponsible to embrace a gas tax hike without addressing an income tax system that heavily burdens middleclass families and small businesses.

“Moreover, Governor Walker is demonstrating that stronger alternatives exist to a gas tax increase. Making the Department of Transportation more efficient and accountable is allowing us to avoid raising prices at the pump on hard-working Wisconsin families. Wisconsin should follow Governor Walker’s lead and embrace cost cutting reforms before considering a gas tax increase.”

Recently, Americans for Prosperity commended Governor Scott Walker for securing significant savings in transportation. The Governor announced that estimated revenue projections are up $38 million, borrowing is down $44.8 million, and that the department has saved more than $93 million on projects so far this fiscal year, in large part due to increased bidding competition. Additionally, Governor Walker announced that several projects would move forward including a section of US 10-441 without the need of a gas tax hike.

AFP Gas Tax Ad Script:

NARRARATOR: “Where do you stand on tax hikes?”

GOVERNOR WALKER: “Now is not the time to raise taxes. We should not raise the gas tax.”

NARRARATOR: “Do you agree with Governor Walker, or do you want a tax hike? A state audit found waste and abuse were common at the Department of Transportation. Why should Madison tax you more when that money goes to waste? Fix the problems at the DOT. No Gas Tax Hike. Contact your legislator at”


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