Americans for Prosperity Touts Grassroots Defeat of Tax-Hiking Deborah Ross

Nov 8, 2016 by AFP

“North Carolinians voted against middle class tax hikes and the Obamacare status quo today”

RALEIGH – Americans for Prosperity is touting the grassroots effort leading to the defeat of Deborah Ross. Over the past two months AFP volunteers and staff contacted millions of North Carolinians at their door and over the phone to defeat Ross. AFP’s grassroots contacts, digital ads, and mailers Ross’s middle class tax hikes and support for Obamacare issues in the election.

AFP-North Carolina State Director Donald Bryson provided the following statement:

“Americans for Prosperity has been empowering citizens to advance free market reforms and defeat tone-deaf, unaccountable politicians for years. Tonight, we saw once again that concerned citizens can make their voice heard and win.”

“Thanks to our tireless grassroots leaders, Deborah Ross was not able to hide her costly policies from voters. North Carolinians learned that Ross voted for multiple tax hikes and has no answer for Obamacare, except more of the same. North Carolina voters heard the facts and decided they couldn’t afford Deborah Ross in the U.S. Senate.”

AFP is already gearing up for the next big policy battle in the state legislature. Over the past few years AFP’s grassroots leaders have led the fight for massive tax relief, spending reforms, school choice, and the defeat of politicians like Representative Renee Ellmers and Senator Kay Hagan. AFP will continue advocating the policies that have made North Carolina the fastest-growing, most prosperous state in the region.

“Politicians, be on watch: AFP has reached record levels of voter contact to defeat Deborah Ross, and we won’t be going away. We are engaged in a long-term, issue-driven effort to increase prosperity and opportunity for all North Carolinians. That work begins again tomorrow morning.”

Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina Key Takeaways:

Doors knocked: 120,000

Phone calls placed: 1,285,333

Six Figure TV Ad on Deborah Ross: Deborah Ross Defends Obamacare

Mailers Opposing Deborah Ross: 9 sent to as many as 650,000 voters

Mailers Opposing Roy Cooper: 5 sent to 300,000 voters

Background: AFP is the grassroots leader for economic freedom in North Carolina

Koch Network Activates Grassroots Army in NorthCarolina Senate Race,” Tarini Parti,, September 6, 2016.

“The Koch network is unleashing its grassroots army in North Carolina.

“Americans for Prosperity, which has a heavy presence in the state, will target Burr’s Democratic opponent, Deborah Ross, for her votes in favor of certain tax hikes during her time in the state legislature. AFP will start knocking on doors, making calls and sending out 500,000 mailers on the issue — the first in a series of mailers directed at Ross — this week.

The mailer, first shared with BuzzFeed News, reads: “When we needed her the most, Deborah Ross made life harder.” “In the depths of the recession when North Carolina suffered 10.7% unemployment… Deborah Ross raised your taxes and made life more expensive for everyone.”

Other than the mailers, AFP will have more than a dozen full-time staff plus part time staff and volunteers knocking doors and making phone calls in the state.”

Activists blanket North Carolina on early voting’s final day,” Gary Robertson,Associated Press, November 5, 2016

“activists with the conservative-leaning Americans for Prosperity carried computer tablets as they walked through a neighborhood of starter homes and tried to contact registered voters who, according to group data, vote irregularly but are aligned with the group’s limited-government goals.

AFP hung placards on doors urging people to vote against Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Deborah Ross. The placards cited her votes to raise sales taxes… By midday, the group had already made 21,000 phone calls opposing Ross and knocked on 1,500 doors, state director Donald Bryson sai

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